Please, Have A Seat

Yes! C'est Belle! Say it

with me. Pronounced like, "Say Bell,"

which means, "This is

Beautiful" in French.

C'est Belle?


Got The Crazies?

Relax- That's what we're here for!

There are HUGE

benefits to hiring an event

planner! We will serve as

your personal design consultant

so that we can

properly detail, plan, prepare, and

execute your

event, giving you peace of mind.

Let us worry for

you! You go grab a drink and

enjoy the moment!

Market & What We Do

C’est Belle Event Planning &

Design is dedicated to

be the premier event planning

company within the

DC, Maryland, and Virginia area!

Focusing on

creating and coordinating small to

medium sized

events is our specialty!

Converting, re-purposing, and

ultimately transforming your

occasion by creating

the perfect space is our priority!

Style and Design Can Be So Subjective

Everybody has their own "thing."

Our Thing?

Well, there are many elements that i

inspire our

designs, but we love Glam, Chic &

Modern, Elegant &

Luxury, Clean & Crisp styles .

However, tailoring each

event to suit our specific clients

theme, venue, and

preference is our thing! Each

design is unique and

exclusively made for you!

Lets Figure It Out First

Pricing varies with our line of work,

so it's very

important to budget for your

event! Whether big or

small, ideas come with a price tag,

but don't worry!

We're here to assist you in

customizing and

determining what's best for you,

your budget, and

your event.


Yes! We live by our motto! We

expect our clients to

dream of the perfect event, while

we bring those

dreams to life with planning and

design, We LOVE

what we do, and we want you to

love it too. Lets party

together, because your finale


 Owner/Chief Event Coordinator

 Owner/Chief Event Coordinator

2017 Summer/Fall Edition

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